Xiaomi Mi Bunny Watch 3C Review – The Best Smart Watch for Kids

We already knew the niche inside the smartwatches that are dedicated to the smallest of the house. Pretty basic clocks with playful functions in most cases, and that receive the support of weight companies such as the Xiaomi that now brings us here again, with a presentation just out of the oven.

This presentation is none other than that of the Xiaomi Mi Bunny 3C, a great step forward with respect to the Mi Bunny 2C. Not surprisingly, it costs almost twice as much as this one even if we don’t get nervous, even if it costs twice as much we could get him for just over 50 euros. And we say we could because for now, it stays in China, and we’ll see what happens later.

Xiaomi Mi Bunny Watch 3C Review

You can track your Kids using this smartwatch

In the Xiaomi Mi Bunny Phone Watch 3C a clock with a 1.3-inch AMOLED screen with a resolution of 240×240 pixels. A resolution that we have seen many times in the market for smartwatches and that should help, thanks to OLED, save some battery during use. The screen also comes protected with Gorilla Glass and has a 2.5D design to make it more attractive and resistant.

In addition to all this, Xiaomi has added an oleophobic layer to the screen to avoid fingerprints and that visibility is always maintained at high levels. Children can immerse it or, at least, shower with it because it has IPX7 protection and should withstand immersions of up to one meter deep and for 30 minutes.

This Mi Bunny 3C of Xiaomi has a 4G connection, which is now compatible with the networks of Unicom, the Chinese operator, and thanks to its 2-megapixel camera with 84.8º lens and f / 2.4 aperture video calls can be made. Not only receive them on the phone but also that the child himself broadcasts a video.

Other interesting features of Xiaomi Mi Bunny Watch 3C 

The battery of the Mi Bunny 3C is 780 mAh, and Xiaomi promises between 4 and 7 days of autonomy. It should be noted that this Mi Bunny 3C has GPS compatible with Beidou, with WiFi, with gravity sensors and with an image-assisted indoor positioning system that works in more than 4,000 shopping centers, train and metro stations, and airports, In addition to monuments.

But perhaps the most interesting thing about this Mi Bunny 3C comes from its software section because it has XiaoAI inside, the Xiaomi smart assistant. Thanks to him, the clock will learn from the child’s uses and assist him in his learning, from kindergarten to elementary school. XiaoAI will also be in charge of telling parents where the child is at all times and, this is important, what available battery is left for the watch.

For now, there is no release date for this Xiaomi Mi Bunny Phone Watch 3C but we do know that its price will be 398 yuan, which can be converted with the current change at about 51 euros. Since it uses XiaoAI and not Assistant, it is logical to think that it will hardly leave China, although we would not be surprised to see an international version of this watch for children in the coming months.

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