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Being able to print through the internet is a possibility that in certain situations can get us out of the odd predicament. There may be circumstances in which we need to directly print a document because we do not want to send it by email, we cannot ask anyone to print it, or because the document is made with software that the recipient does not have, to put some examples.

Although there is a communication protocol that allows Internet printing ( IPP ), not all printers support it and, depending on the configuration of your network environment, it may not be easy to implement.

PrinterShare, from the Printer Anywhere company, is an application that allows, without having to make complicated configurations, print over the network on any printer that has been shared through this system. It is compatible with Windows (it has certain incompatibilities with Vista), Mac OS X and Linux, and you can use a fully functional trial version (it simply includes advertising on the cover of each print job sent), or subscribe to the service for 14’43 Euros per month (the subscription is made from the application itself and the payment is made through PayPal).

PrinterShare Premium Key APK free Download

PrinterShare Functioning Explained – All details you have to know

First of all, we must install the software both on the computer that has the printer connected (or connected to your local network, provided you can print on it), which acts as a server, as on which you are going to print, the client. The communication is done through the server of the company that develops the program and works even if you are behind a firewall or proxy (I can attest to that).

Once this is done, it asks us to register (username and email) and after doing so they send us a message in which they provide us with our user ID (ID) and our password. The ID is necessary to be able to locate the shared printers we want to work with.

  • Configuration on the server: in the equipment that has the printers connected we must select those that we want to share. After that, we specify a name and a location (head office, branch X …), we mark whether or not we want it to appear in the printer searches performed by the program (if we choose not, the client team must know the user code that we have assigned to be able to add the printer to your list) and activate/deactivate the encryption of jobs sent to the shared device (an interesting option).We can also request that you notify us when we receive a print job and configure it so that printing requires our authorization. There is the possibility to create a list with those users whom we want to authorize to print on each of the shared devices.
  • Configuration in the client: in the computer from which we are going to print we can either perform a search specifying the ID of the equipment that acts as a server, or provide this information if we already know it. Once located, it shows us a list with the printers it has shared and we select the one we want to use. This done, add it as if it were a local printer and we can print from any program.
PrinterShare Premium-Schlüssel
PrinterShare Premium-Schlüssel
Developer: Mobile Dynamix
Price: 6,99 €


Regarding the advantages of the program, I would highlight:

  • Supports any type of printer, however basic it may be (for the first time I could use a Windows-only printer from Mac OS X )
  • It is multiplatform, ideal for use in heterogeneous work environments.

And as for the inconveniences :

  • Although it is simple to configure, its usability leaves a lot to be desired, it is necessary to polish some aspects such as registration activation and printer searches.
  • Some things do not work as well as they should. In the Mac OS X version, it does not save some of the configuration changes. In the Windows version, everything seems to work correctly.

I think it is a good tool to have on hand if this is the case, and although they still have to work on some details, their operation is quite correct in general. At least it is worth trying if you need to print remotely.

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