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We will explain what it is and how to install Nova Launcher, one of the most popular Android launchers for some years. It is an application with which you will be able to completely change how the operating system looks, changing your desktop, the dock, and the application drawer so that you have a custom design.

We will divide this article into two parts. We will start by explaining what Nova Launcher is, something for which we will also explain in a simple way what Android launchers or launchers are. Then, we will go through the step by step how you can install Nova Launcher on your device.

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What is Nova Launcher?

Nova Launcher is a “Launcher” or pitcher. It is one of the most important applications that you can find on Android since it is the one used to launch other applications. It is the Android desktop environment, the design that you will find when you enter the main screen of your mobile device.

Android is an operating system that by default has its own design, but allows you to modify it. One of the elements to do so is the launchers, so each manufacturer installs its own custom launcher on their devices to give them an appearance that differs from the rest. These are the official pitchers.

But then there are the launchers developed by third parties, those that your manufacturer has not created but that other people have designed so that you can give a different look to your mobile. Do you have a brand X device but you don’t like how you modified Android? Then install a launcher to modify the look.

Although there are launchers for all tastes and different components, usually most are composed of three main elements: the desktop screens where to place icons and widgets, a bottom bar (the dock) where to fix frequently used applications, and an application drawer with all applications installed.

By changing these three aspects, launchers are able to give your mobile a totally different look. But there are also some limits on its scope, such as that the different styles and icons that are applied in the launcher do not apply to other elements such as Android settings or the notification panel.

Within this world, Nova Launcher is one of the most popular third-party launchers thanks to the many things that allow you to modify your mobile. For example, you can choose how to open the application drawer, customize the size of the icons, hide launcher applications or choose between different methods to turn off the screen.

It also allows you to add several pages to the dock or bottom bar, change the grids of the desktop and the app drawer, or enable or disable the search bar in the app drawer. By power, you can even modify the animations by opening the applications or hiding clock from the notification bar.

Nova Launcher’s functions also vary depending on the user or device. For example, there are some functions that are only available if you have the paid version , and there are others that you can even use without paying if you have the rooted mobile, which is to “break” the operating system to have access to administrator that users are not supposed to have, so it is a process that causes you to lose the device warranty.

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Nova launcher  6.2.0 Final: The new version  6.2.0  of this powerful launcher adds an improved configuration menu design. The options to customize the dock are now part of the desktop configuration, and now the application has a more intuitive hierarchy of settings. Nova’s configuration can now also be searched for faster analysis, which should be a pleasant improvement for new users.

In addition, there are now more customizable icon options available, including a new customizable form. Now there is an option to automatically match the size of the app drawer icon and the folder to the desktop, another improvement that should improve the appearance of the launcher. The new beta version has new window styles in the folders, and users have the option to choose between window or immersive modes. The background shapes of the folders now share the same options as the adaptable icons, and users can choose between Round, Ruin, etc. Vertical or horizontal scrolling options have also been added for folders.

Users can now design the search bar of the application drawer in the same way they could style it on the desktop. This means that they can choose from many different styles and shapes for the search bar of the application drawer. The search bar provider can now be configured in Google or Nova Settings by default.

Finally, users no longer need Nova Launcher Prime to change the size of the icons, an improvement that many users have wanted for years. Users can now increase or decrease the size of the icon to their liking. For example, they can increase the size of the application icon so that the launcher looks the same as the Pixel Launcher.

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