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The MX Player Pro is one of the best video players for Android, it supports all kinds of formats to play and you can also put subs to your videos, in addition to coming with many customization options. It is one of the most fluid video applications out there, try watching movies and series. This application should not be missing on your device and in the Pro version, there are no ads. This version has added support for the AC-3 format (fixed a sound problem caused by AC-3).

MX Player is almost perfect in this regard. The file explorer is as clean and simple as it could be. It is automatically updated and maintained with a good design and it is even simple how to add or remove video files from the device.

The interface is almost identical between smartphones and tablets. To display the navigation and notification bars, simply tap on the screen or swipe down from the top edge.

Other aspects of the ingenious interface include a lock button (to prevent accidental faucets and bumps while watching), different display modes (e.g., stretch, crop, 100%, screen adjustment), and forced rotation which is independent of the Android configuration of the entire system.

MX Player Pro Apk Free Download

MX Player Pro Features Explained

MX Player can play video files over the Internet, for example, cloud storage, as long as it has the direct URL. It cannot be transmitted from sites like YouTube or Vimeo. Resume playback. If you close the application or stop playback in the middle of a video, then return to it at some later time, MX Player can resume from where it was last left – or you can start over from the beginning. You will be asked to prefer.

AB loop repeat. Most video players are compatible with repeated playback, but MX player allows you to choose a starting point and an endpoint in the video, then repeat only between those two points. Background audio playback. Enable this setting and MX Player pro will maintain video playback, even if the application is minimized and changed to something else, allowing you to listen even as you send a text message or search for something on the web.

Subtitle downloads online. MX player pro can search subtitles for the current video using OpenSubtitles.org. MX Player Makes it impossible to minimize the application, which is ideal for when you want to play a video for your children but to prevent the opening of other applications, make calls, etc.

Out of the box, MX Player supports almost all the popular video codec and format that you are likely to find: AVI, DIVX, FLV, MKV, MOV, MP4, MPEG, WEBM, WMV, XVID, and much more. If you try to play an unsupported file, MX Player will ask you to install an additional free codec package that will most likely solve the problem.

MX Player also has excellent subtitle support. Not only can you handle multiple subtitle tracks, text style, and text color, but you can read more than a dozen different subtitle formats: SSA, SMI, SRT, SUB, IDX, MPL, TXT, and more. You can also use gestures to enlarge the text size, or even jump forward / backward in case it falls out of sync with the video. Unfortunately MX Player pro does not have a playlist function, which may be suitable for storing lists in groups that like videos such as music that we have stored in our memory.

MX Player News about PiP window playback and ChromeCast Support

To continue playing a video while doing other things and switching to other applications, you only need the latest version of MX Player available on Google Play, although the functionality is disabled by default. 

To activate it you must open the MX Player settings, enter the Player section and change the Background mode setting. Here is the new option called Play video/audio in PiP mode. You need to have Android Oreo or higher to use this mode.

The behavior then is as expected. If you are watching a video and touch the Start, Return or Recent button on your mobile, playback is kept in a floating window. You can use this window to play the next or previous video, as well as maximize it to watch the full-size video.

As we mentioned before, MX Player takes advantage of the native Picture-in-Picture mode introduced in Android Oreo, which means that it will not work in previous versions. According to the latest Android distribution data, that means that 61.4% of active devices are left out during the previous month, although not for a long time. The list of changes in Google Play mentions that Picture-in-Picture mode for previous versions of Android is on its way.
Another one that is on its way is the expected support for Chromecast. It is one of the most requested functions by users, although there are not too many video players that include it, although it came relatively recently to VLC Player. Now we just have to wait.

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