15+ Google Docs Flyer Template 2019 – Stunning Flyer Templates

Many people still do not know what the word “flyer” means, also a few years ago called a flyer or advertising brochure when we mentioned this word we refer to medium-sized graphic publicity, used to promote a product or service. Very used by night clubs, events, and activities in general. One of the reasons why this type of promotion is the favorite among small and large companies is its low cost of printing, although I clarify that we are against paper flyers. Its distribution is a clear example of direct marketing since it is delivered in the hand of potential clients.

Over the years, not only has the way in which they are designed changed but also the way in which we call this element of the market, formerly it was common to call it “pamphlet” or flyer, in the last decade the use has become massive of its name in English “flyer”.

There is no easier way to design a flyer (being honest). With thousands of Google Docs templates at your disposal, you’ll go from the blank page to print your flyers in a few minutes.

Create a Flyer for all the purpose you want

Do you want to design a flyer for the inauguration of an art show? Maybe you want a flyer for a party? Or maybe design a flyer to promote your classes? With Google Docs, it’s very easy.

We have a wide variety of flyer templates for everything you need, but you can also create designs from scratch. Google Docs image library has more than 2 million icons, illustrations, and photos; In addition, they have hundreds of free fonts for your designs. Yes, we have everything you need to design.

Google Docs design tool was created so that even people without design experience can create original flyers. Forget about those complicated design programs or paying a professional designer: designing flyers was never as easy as with Google Docs.

How to design professional flyers in less than 5 minutes with Google Docs?

  1. Choose a flyer template (Google Docs has many templates!) Or design your own flyer from scratch. The templates are set to the perfect size, so they are easy to print.
  2. Change the images. To give it a personal touch, you can upload your own photos or choose one from the Google library, which has more than 2 million amazing images.
  3. Add message docs has hundreds of free fonts to choose from, so you can say whatever you want in style.
  4. Change the background, the colors … express yourself! With Docs, personalizing your flyer is much simpler.
  5. Print it, download it or share it!

Download the Best Google Docs Flyer Template designs

The following are the best Google Docs Flyer template out there. You can download it or edit and print it your self. There are many Google Docs brochure templates and Gantt chart themes out there. Check it if you want.

#1:- Brand Flyer Template Google Slide

Google Docs Flyer Template

Download Now

#2:- Event Flyer Template Google Docs

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#3:- Small Business Google Docs Flyer Template

Small Business Google Docs Flyer Template

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Currently, we have only this much Google Docs Flyer templates. There will be more themes added soon after we find something interesting.

Important tips for designing a stunning flyer using Google Docs Flyer Template

Now that you know how to identify a flyer of another format and know its advantages, it is time for us to see the tips for designing a quality brochure.

Remember them when making one or asking to be believed in a professional design company like factoryfy. We anticipate that they are simple recommendations and a little common sense, but it is best to put yourself in the hands of experts to achieve the goal you set.

Let’s go there!

#1:- Set a clear goal for your flyer

Many times we meet clients who want to fly, but they don’t know why! A flyer is another marketing and corporate communication strategy. For this reason, it must be very well defined and directed.

Giving a concise and clear message will allow the recipient to find out perfectly the value of the offer, promotion or information. The opening of your business? A 20% discount on your best products? The change of premises? Normally and more effectively, a flyer design is intended for a single purpose.

Another interesting point is the target audience: who do you want to deliver the advertising flyer? The same if yours is a disco for middle-aged people, you should not deliver the flyer to people younger or older than your target. Why? They will simply not be interested and they will throw the flyer as soon as they receive it.

#2:- A head to toe design

Flyers are usually designed from top to bottom. The way we have to read (from top to bottom and from left to right) “educate” us in that way and to design a flyer we have to be consistent with the habits of our customers.

Because of this, when organizing and prioritizing content, the most advisable thing in most cases is that the important part is located at the top of the advertising flyer.

This is a great part of the receiver knowing what the thing is about even before stopping to read it.

#3:- Highlight the important

What do you offer? Promotions? A discount coupon? The opening of your new store? BIG it. A flyer is not a technical document, you can play with the words, their sizes, thicknesses … Also, of course, with the color the backgrounds or the images to make the receiver of your flyer look at the first in what you are promoting.

You have to make your intention clear in 2-3 seconds. Without the recipient of the advertising, brochure stop reading it, with just a glance, I can identify what you are offering.

A good example of flyer design in this aspect was what we did in the factory for a credit franchise. We wanted to value what they offered; The first thing that can be read and what attracts the most attention is “urgent money”, which is the main complaint about the consumer of that business.

 #4:- Use quality images

In advertising and marketing, a picture is worth a thousand words. If we want to represent an idea, as in the case of flyer design, resorting to illustrations or photos of the highest quality is vital.

In the vast majority of cases, when designing a flyer you will need a certain amount of photos taken from image banks (in many cases of payment) or your own illustrations.

If you bet on real images of the products of a store, the human team of a company or a house of real estate, it will be necessary to have the help of a professional photographer. We cannot allow the flyer to project a bad image of our company.

The objective of this is to achieve a spectacular design, which gives a professional and incredible image of those behind that flyer that one is in the mailbox or receives on the street.

#5:- Includes some CTA

CTA ( Call to action ) is a term widely used in marketing, which comes to be translated as a  call to action. In short, it is an indication that is made to the recipient to take concrete action.

This can be a “Call us!” Or “Complete the form on our website.” It is proven that those corporate messages that have a CTA in their design get more conversions than those without.

If you decide to put a CTA in your advertising flyer design, try to make it stand out and be as short and memorable as possible.

#6:- Design your blood flyer

In the vast majority of cases, your flyer will look better if it is designed in blood. That is if, at the time of receiving it from the printing press, it does not have the white edges of the print. However, you don’t necessarily have to make the entire design right on the edge, just the photograph or the reason that accompanies it.

A blood flyer design offers a more professional and reliable feeling. Otherwise, they may look like mere photocopies made with the office printer.

Of course, avoid forcing things. Not all designs accept that absence of bleeding. The best thing is that you have a professional to design the flyer or advise you.

#7:- Be consistent with your business and sector

After all, a flyer is part of a communication strategy. As such, it has to be encompassed in business identity and in line with “what moves” in a sector. You can add them up using Google Docs Flyer template.

For example, it would be rare for a typeface to be used as handwritten and very vibrant colors in a housing development. Similarly, in a few cases, you will see a children’s party park announced with a sober flyer.

To design an attractive advertising flyer for the sector in which you move, it is essential to stay in the fine line between doing the same as always and singing.

#8:- Trust professionals as a safe value

As good as Photoshop is your cousin, it is best to trust your flyer design in a professional studio like factoryfy. In addition to having the tools, you have to have the knowledge and talent to design.

The typography, the colors and their composition, the image-text relationship, the print quality … There are many factors to consider when creating a corporate flyer.

As we always say, your business is you, your team and your communication. It is of no use that you do things better than anyone and cheaper if your target audience does not perceive it.

For this reason, it is best to deposit in third parties the creation of marketing strategies and advertising elements. In factoryfy we are experts in flyer design, and our way of working allows us to do it for the most adjusted price in the market and with an impressive finish that will make you reach your audience more and better.

If you have any other Flyer templates on Google Docs, please share the link.

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