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A brochure is all those brochures that are typical of a company and that represent it. The brochure ranges from advertising leaflets of a new product or service that your company offers to the presentation folders of projects that circulate internally or externally. That is, the brochure covers almost all the printed material of a company and must be designed differently. The criteria to be adopted when making the design for an internal project presentation folder is different.

The brochure is your company entering the house of potential customers, the brochure is the gala dress of your projects. A good brochure design is the best presentation letter of your company. You can make use of templates like Google Docs Brochure Template to make attractive brochures.

What are the Main Functions of a Brochure?

The brochure performs three functions: informative, advertising and identifier.

  • Informative function: it is very common to use the brochure to inform the public about some aspect of your company. The information may be referred to as present to your company, any new product or service that it offers, a recent modification in your name, etc.
  • Advertising function: the brochure is an important marketing tool and is an excellent means to promote one or more products or services that your company offers in an attractive way. The advertising aspect of the brochure will be treated in more detail in the section called the Advertising aspect.
  • Identifying function: a good brochure design allows you to maintain a criterion through the different brochures commissioned by your company. This concept unified throughout the different brochures allows the recipient to automatically recognize which company. It is and is a way to appear before the public that gives their company a high degree of prestige and credibility. In the brochure, it is important that it is not only the “concept” that identifies your company. First of all the Logo of the same: adequate Logo design is important for any company. It is the foundation stone of the entire advertising structure.

More details about informative, advertising and identifier Features of a Brochure

The brochure presents these three characteristics but presents them combined, and that is its power. A good brochure design is informative, advertising and identifier, all together in the same brochure. Of course, in each brochure that your company orders there will be one of these three aspects that stands out but that is why the remaining ones should not be forgotten. For example, if your company launches a new product and decides to order a brochure that accompanies the launch, the highlight will be the advertising even if the brochures should be clear as much information about the new product and represent the image of your company.

On the other hand, if your company presents a project to the executives of another company that proposes a work together, the aspect that should be highlighted in the brochure (such as a folder with tab for Inserts) is the identifying function that you present to your company as safe and prestigious and will relegate to a second-place the advertising and informative aspect.

How a Brochure work effectively for your company?

The brochure is one of the decisive factors for shaping your corporate image. In order for the brochure identification function to work effectively, you and the company that you hire to carry out the design of your company’s brochure must choose the appropriate brochure format; that is, the morphological characteristics that it presents.

While an advertising brochure can consist of several very striking colors and large typography, this is not suitable for presentation and a project that should be simpler, austere and formal. And, in or which refers specifically to the morphological aspect, it is not the same to present a project in a triptych that inside a folder with a flap that bears the name of your company and the project, for example. It is not that one is correct and the other is not, simply be aware of the convenience of both formats to maximize the benefits that it presents.

For you to better consider this aspect is that in the next section, called Different types of a brochure, we present several different formats of brochure in regard to their morphology and accompany them with the relevant images for proper identification. Just try the below mentioned Google Docs Brochure Template for better understanding.

In short, what you should consider when planning a brochure is the following.

  • Think about what your goal will be. What will be the function of the brochure?
  • Highlight the function that corresponds to it between informative, advertising and identifying functions.
  • Verify that non-primary functions are also present in the brochure, although in the second degree of importance.
  • Choose the optimal format so that your brochure correctly conveys the desired message.

Best Google Docs Brochure Template for Making attractive Brochure designs

Here we have collected the best Brochure templates that work with Google Docs. You can download these templates just like you do with Google Docs Gantt Chart templates and edit it later.

#1:- Informative Brochure Template Google Docs

Google Docs Brochure Template information

Download this template

#2:- Company Details Tri Fold Brochure Template

Download This template

#3:- Business 3 Fold template Google Slide

business Google Docs Brochure Template

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